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Smooth Ride Ahead: Unmatched Tire Replacement And Alignment

A building is as good as its foundation. We see so many amazing works of architecture standing tall only because of their competent connection with the land.

A similar scenario holds true for the vehicles. How smooth a ride is going to be depends largely on the condition of the tires along with the road you are driving on. No one wants to travel long distances on a bumpy road. 

And what if the road is perfect but your automobile still fails to provide a smooth experience? In this condition, you might want to get the tires analyzed. Regular tire replacement and alignment checks are a great way to start. Tires are probably the most roughly used vehicle parts and they endure the most wear and tear.

We are here to decipher the guide to ensure perfect tire condition:


The weight distribution and hence the workload of tires varies according to the position of the respective tires. For example, the ones at the front bear the most weight. Furthermore, the kind of vehicle also makes the difference. Some automobiles are front wheels driven; some may use only the rare wheels while others use all available tires equally.

tire rotation

So what’s the secret? The tip is to rotate the tires every 5000-8000 miles. It means shuffling the position of tires; and rotating them so every tire goes through the same wear and tear. The rotation span may vary depending on the vehicle and type of workload.

If the driver isn’t able to rotate the wheels regularly, one tire may need to be replaced before the other is completely worn out.



No doubt tire rotation is the key to a longer wheel life, the tires are still used enough to be changed after a specific time. They are, however, worn out uniformly and can now be replaced in sets of two or four. In some instances, only a single tire needs to be changed and you are good to go.

The opinion of your mechanic plays a key role in designing a schedule for tire rotation and replacement.

So, how do you know when is the time for your tires to be replaced? Certain obvious signs of wear indicate a need to contact your automobile repair shop and they are as follows:


The grooves around the tire are great indicators of wear. The legal limit of the tread depth is 2/32 of an inch. While this is the minimum limit, the ideal time would be to go for tire replacement when the depth strikes 4/32 inches.

The tread approaching nearer to the wear indicator is a warning sign.

‘PENNY TEST’ is a DIY way of assessing tread depth. You take a penny and place it in a major groove with the head on the coin pointing downwards. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head at any point, it is high time to contact your service provider for tire replacement.



Although every car is different and this also depends largely on the conditions around, a tire replacement every six years is recommended.


Furthermore, if a distance of 40000-80000 miles is covered, consider taking time out to schedule an appointment with your mechanic.



Annual diagnostic maintenance plays a key role in spotting any uneven signs of wear present on your vehicle’s tires. Furthermore, more frequent punctures or irreparable damages indicate quick tire changes.



The correct position of the wheels is perpendicular to the road. This is when the angle of the wheel is adjusted to be at this optimal 90 degrees. But why is this crucial?

wheel alignment

Correct wheel alignment is essential to road safety, smooth drive, and fuel economy in the following ways:

  • Misaligned tires mean uneven wear. This leads to the tires being damaged more than they should be hence needing a quicker change.

  • If the application of brakes or even when driving normally you notice the car being pulled to one side, it is a major indicator of misaligned tires. Would you feel safe knowing that the car can drift to a side at the slightest negligence?

  • Wheel alignment ensures more control over the vehicle and consequently a safer drive. Emergency situations are catered to well if the alignment of the car is perfect.

  • Regular car diagnostics stress too much on wheel alignment because it is economical both in fuel consumption and longevity. Lesser resistance means lesser gas usage.



Tire rotation and wheel alignment are paired with wheel balance to maintain equal weight distribution along the wheels and their assemblies. It ensures uniform wear and safety on the road.

These three aspects are equally essential in maintaining a smooth drive.


As basic as they may seem, tires are not just any other part of your automobile, they are the most pivotal ones. Modern technologies have developed the latest systems and better tires. We see a wide variety of wheels introduced to suit individual needs namely; 

  • All-season tires

  • Smart tires

  • Highway tires

  • Run-flat tires

  • 3D technology tires

  • Performance tires


And the list goes on.


While there are many options available to get automobile repair services from, we claim to provide the best ones at Steve & Sons Auto Repair in Melbourne, FL, because we take our work very seriously.

We are a family-owned business providing services to our community and this is reflected in our 5-star customer reviews. For us, your vehicle’s tires are not just rubber and air but they are a means of comfort, safety, and convenience to you and your family. Our ASE- Certified technicians are here to ensure that they are maintained at the most affordable prices.

Book your appointment today and let us do all the required work. Your satisfaction is our priority and your trust is our goal.

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