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Symptoms That Indicate the Need for Automotive Diagnostics

automotive diagnostics

Vehicles have evolved over time. We see so many new cars entering the roads every year and every time they are more refined with new technologies added to them to facilitate the owner.

Vehicles are not only a means of transportation; rather they are a source of comfort and luxury. Being one of the most prized possessions that one can have, they require particular care to ensure longevity.

Getting your personal car is the first step but its maintenance is the foremost priority or else keeping it for long would only be your dream with no fulfillment. But is everyone an expert before buying an automobile? Of course, not!

While it’s understood that your mechanic is required to keep your car up to the mark, the question is when should you be bringing your vehicle to an auto repair shop? Wouldn’t it be convenient if you recognized the signs and symptoms that indicate the need for automotive diagnostics?

Let us look at a few major warning signs:

Dashboard Lights:

Auto diagnostics is the most advanced system in modern vehicles that helps the driver with minimum knowledge of automobiles to recognize the problem.

Although running a detailed diagnostic test is advised on an annual basis, this built-in system also communicates with the help of various dashboard lights to warn about an ongoing issue. Consider these as indications to get your car to the nearest automobile repair shop. What are these and what do they represent?

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This is probably the worst warning light to have on your dashboard. Being the most ambiguous of all, this might indicate something as little as a loose wire or something as critical as a messed-up engine. Even if no evident issue occurs don’t just keep on driving with this light turned on or you might aggravate the problem.  Getting your car to a mechanic as quickly as possible to run an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) should be a priority.


If the brake light doesn’t go away when you disengage the parking brake, it’s probably time to be a little more cautious. Moreover, worn-out brake pads, inadequate brake fluid, or an issue with the car’s ABS system can turn this light on. Just remember, a car is as good as its ability to stop in time otherwise no amount of speeding is worth it.

BATTERY LIGHT: Once you see this light, it might be an indication of some faulty wiring, maybe a loose connection, or a problematic component.


It is one of those lights that tempt the driver into getting the engine oil topped off. The correct approach is getting the dipstick test for the amount of oil and monitoring for any leaks if this light is still illuminated after getting more oil. Getting a regular oil change is also the key.


Nobody wants to be in a situation requiring the use of airbags, but what if you or any of your loved ones are stuck in such circumstances? Won’t you want your airbags to function in the blink of an eye? So if this warning light appears, get your airbags checked at the earliest to avoid any unforeseen event.


Then there are fuel lights indicating inadequate gas in your vehicle, door lights showing one or two opened doors and tire pressure monitoring system lights showing inadequate tire inflation.

All these lights are to be looked into and taken seriously if you don’t want those bills to pile up for something that could have been avoided if you paid attention on time.

Strange Noises and Weird Smells:

If your car gives away noises that were not previously present like when you apply brakes or maybe when the accelerator is used, it’s time to run a detailed diagnostic on your vehicle. The friction at unwanted places may cause the car to overheat. When the engine starts to overheat, just like a computer, you might smell a burning odor. Sitting on these signs may prove explosive, so contact a competitive mechanic.

Vehicle Shutting Down or Failing to Start:

This is usually the vehicle’s cry for help if any warning sign is ignored for far too long.  It is where you are more or less forced to take your car to an auto repair shop because frankly speaking, you aren’t left with many choices. Your battery might have one or two loose connections or there might be an issue with the ignition switch. Sometimes there is a momentary shutdown with the car starting again after a few trials. Consider this a blessing and get a detailed automotive diagnostic test to point out the problem.

Auto diagnostics melbourne fl

More Fuel Consumption:

Have you ever noticed that your vehicle that normally gives great fuel economy suddenly starts having an inefficient consumption? You see yourself filling the tank every other day and the running average starts reducing. This is high time to book an appointment with a good automotive repair shop.

Wobbly Car Movements:

If you notice your otherwise smooth drive is not so convenient anymore with jerky movements here and there, consider some underlying mechanical issues. There might be issues with various car fluids and brake pads, or maybe something as simple as inadequate tire inflation. Trust your mechanic to give you the best advice in this case to ensure a comfortable ride.

Automotive Diagnostics in Melbourne, FL

Auto diagnostics have revolutionized mechanical work. Advanced tools not only help drivers make informed decisions but have also improved the efficiency of repair workers. All you need is to find a trustworthy automotive repair shop that has both the experience and knowledge of what they are doing.

People of Melbourne, Florida, are lucky for they have Steve and Sons nearby which not only offers high-quality work at the most affordable prices but also has the best auto repair services available in the entire city, so you can drive without a care knowing they have your back.

Book your appointment today. You can visit us, give us a call, or contact us online.

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