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How Preventative Vehicle Maintenance Saves You Time & Money

How Preventative Vehicle Maintenance Saves You Time & Money

You ignore that routine maintenance visit for months. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

Then, you discover the answer to that question. Your car’s engine overheats, revealing extensive damage under the hood. A trip to the local auto repair shop will cost you much more now.

Avoid this scenario with preventative maintenance! Our team at Steve and Sons is here to walk you through the importance of routine service visits.

What preventative maintenance is

The name describes it well. Preventative maintenance is a routine service commitment that prevents extensive damage and necessary repairs.

When you think of preventative maintenance, oil changes and tire rotations likely come to mind. But plenty of other maintenance tasks exist! Let’s break down some of the top examples.

Examples of preventative maintenance

Here are some common examples of the preventative maintenance you need to schedule:

  • Oil changes: With an oil and filter change, you protect your vehicle’s engine. Proper lubrication under the hood ensures quality performance. It also prevents issues like overheating, which can compound into damage over time.

  • Tire rotations: Tire rotations spread the natural wear in your vehicle’s four tires. Without this preventative maintenance, excess wear can cause several issues. These problems include ride quality inconsistencies, declining fuel efficiency, and excess tread wear.

  • Routine inspections: A maintenance inspection with certified technicians will cover all the bases. A physical walk-through and diagnostics testing will analyze every maintenance need. These insights paint a complete picture of what your vehicle needs.

  • Wheel alignment: Balancing and alignment for your wheels are crucial. Rough road surfaces and potholes can cause misalignment, which can result in safety concerns.

The risks of ignoring your vehicle’s maintenance needs

Not a big deal to skip out on a service suggestion, right? Wrong!

Even modern vehicles need routine service at consistent intervals.

When you ignore these requirements, you risk extensive damage to your vehicle. Is an extensive repair costing you thousands of dollars worth it?

When to schedule preventative maintenance

You understand why preventative maintenance matters. But what about the timing for it?

To get the best answers, consult your owner's manual. Routine maintenance suggestions vary by make and model. That documentation will outline what you need and when you need it.

Have a question about your routine maintenance needs? Our auto repair shop is happy to help.

Schedule your next service appointment

Our team at Steve and Sons specializes in general vehicle repair. But we’re also happy to take care of your preventative maintenance! Schedule an upcoming appointment online today.

Have a question about preventative maintenance? Contact us to discuss what your vehicle needs.

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