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Auto AC Repair Near Me: Keeping Your Cool on the Road

Have you ever wondered how amazing it is that you can be driving in the middle of a desert but don’t feel an ounce of the outside scorching heat? Automobiles are complex systems that are made to keep us cozy while showing us the world.

Whether it’s a compact car or a multi-passenger bus, the main source of ventilation is a properly functioning air conditioner.

But imagine if this system goes down, will you be able to keep your cool? I bet you wouldn’t want suggestions like rolling your window down, using a cool towel, or buying yourself a cooling seat cover! All you would want at that moment would be to get your AC repaired as early as possible!

Trust me, you think about your AC only when it’s down. It is not only frustrating in that case but also dangerous particularly if you are stuck in a heavy traffic jam.

An air conditioning system is not only essential in summer but is equally important to a comfortable drive during winter. Nobody wants to drive in zero visibility, so the AC is your savior. It removes all the inside moisture on a chilly morning, preventing frost formation on the windows and ensuring proper visibility.

Let us explore the potential things that can go wrong with your AC:

  • You feel a gush of warm air coming out of your vehicle’s Air conditioner.

  • The range of the air/ speed has decreased

  • Your AC doesn’t give out any air; neither hot nor cool.

  • There is a weird odor that the air conditioner emits. Time to fear the growing microbes in its vents!

  • You notice water inside your car.


After noticing these signs, what can be the root causes causing these issues? There can be multiple problems that can be narrowed down with the help of a good auto repair shop near you. Let us evaluate the top few:


The AC compressor is pivotal in circulating the coolant and compressing it into high-pressure gas which is needed in the condenser. It is a pretty commonly used word hence the familiarity. Its dysfunction leads to an inability to produce cool air; hence, its maintenance is essential.


As discussed earlier, the condenser is where the compressed high-pressure gas reaches and is transformed into a high-pressure liquid that absorbs the heat. It is more like a radiator. Hence a faulty condenser leads to a broken cooling system.


Have you ever noticed a green liquid leaking from your car? It may be the refrigerant and this may indicate high time to book an appointment with your auto repair workshop.

Low coolant levels may be due to its leakage through hose connections. It may indicate issues with the compressor, condenser, or evaporator, all of which require close AC inspection.


Cooling fans might fuse or malfunction as a result of debris accumulation. Given their role in maintaining your car’s cooling system, seeking assistance from a professional becomes essential. It’s advisable to inspect the diverse electrical connections when addressing cooling fan issues.


Automobiles are complex systems that are composed of multiple computer connections, software, and electrical detailing. A malfunctioning air conditioning system may require the professional to go through various electrical connections in your vehicle. Maybe a wire or two is displaced.


The AC blower light on the dashboard indicates a possible issue. They, as the name indicates, blow the air through the car’s ventilation system. Thanks to auto diagnostics, mechanics can exactly know the underlying issues with the cars.

Sometimes the issues are very minor and may require only a top-up like refrigerant recharge, while at other times a full-blown repair service is required. As appealing as it may sound, don’t hasten yourself into putting in extra coolant or trying to evaluate electrical connections yourself. The air conditioning system is a closed system and it’s not recommended to indulge in DIYs.

Auto AC Repair



Do you know that besides cooling your vehicle, your air conditioning system also cools down the intricate system that your car is?

Hence, it’s mandatory to get your AC issues catered to before they escalate to the next level. But how can you take preliminary actions to avoid any massive damage situation?

  • Keep an eye on the refrigerant levels. Make sure to keep an eye out in case the levels drop. But avoid overfilling at all costs.

  • Make sure to get your cooling system flushed every 22000-24000 miles if you want cool air coming out of your AC. This action also makes sure that the system’s liquid stays clean and non-corrosive. It also prevents impurity build-up.

  • Get regular air conditioning system checkups from a trusted auto repair shop that keeps the work transparent and knows what they are doing. A great mechanic is required to help you beat the heat.

People of Melbourne, Florida are lucky to have Steve & Sons Auto as an ideal choice. We have a team of certified technicians who have been working in the automobile industry for years now. We have been using state-of-the-art technology and the latest equipment in diagnosing all sorts of cars.

We know how important a vehicle’s climate control system is and we make sure to keep it functioning properly using a combination of our expertise and the most advanced equipment that we have. We specialize in finding the root cause of the issue be it refrigerant, compressor, condenser, or evaporator.

Give us a call today to book an appointment and take a back seat while we gear up to make sure that you don’t have to deal with a broken AC in the middle of the road and that too without breaking your bank.

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